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Ohene Cornelius

American born Actor and Musician OHENE CORNELIUS 

has been seen on the big screen (Kick Ass), small screen (Blindspot), 

comedy clubs (the Comedy Store), the web (blackandsexytv) 

and your favorite music venues/festivals (SXSW).

Recently he's been collaborating with indie and mainstream music artists writing, 

recording, and releasing product and merch across multiple genres.

As well as being a father and being at the helm of his own lifestyle and culture brand HARLEM RIVER YACHT CLUB, @ohenecornelius maintains a healthy acting career with vibrant choice character work and has recently garnered attention for his eclectic floating comedy show "SmokesNJokes".

With the mantra #ohenethingispossible new heights are 

being reached and new depths are being explored by this cross generational talent.