• Kick Ass 
  • Blue Bloods 
  • Everything Absolutely 
  • Law and Order 
  • And the Beat Goes On 
  • Nike Hyperdunk


2009 Law & Order: Criminal Intent (TV Series)

2015 Laff K (Short) 

2010 Kick-Ass

2015 Blindspot (TV Series) 

2011 Blue Bloods (TV Series)

2017 Friends from College (TV Series) 

2012 Everything Absolutely (Short)

2017 Brawl in Cell Block 99 

2013 Empire Gypsy

2017 Sole Kings (TV Series) 

2014 Person of Interest (TV Series)

 2019 The Wolf Hour 


Produced by Richie Aquino of LightHouse Music this classic album had hits like Sweat Drop, Full Potential, and Sky Surfin.

You ever see a girl on the other side of the room with all her friends and you decide you gonna make your move and you hope it works out?


”Loving you my dear is EASY cause you’re beautiful” 


This album was accompanied by a wine. 

God is my Mama 

she told me I’d make it

she told me that I’m a

king of a kingdom

pause for the comma

I know she in heaven 

turning my vibe up

After my mother passed I dedicated myself to living healthier. Thinking more positive thoughts, working out, and meditation. Rap music is evolving. 



HRYC Prices and Designs


exclusive #harlemriveryachtclub hats

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1. Fisherman (just words)

2. Future Dad (HRYC front)

3. Ohene (Wine logo) 

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The goal is to build a yacht club on the Harlem River dedicated to community service, peer to peer information transfers and education surrounding outdoor and aquatic lifestyle.

Join the Club for $250.00 (thru  JUNE. 28th, 2020)

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A membership comes with an HRYC Dad hat, T-shirt, bottle of Ohene Wine and an official HRYC stamped certificate that gets you exclusive discounts on new merchandise, shows, and events. 

HRYC is a social club attached to a clothing brand dedicated to fill the void for tastemakers, brand ambassadors, artists, and business people with unique desires to convene and increase their network. This platform encourages think tanks, personal and professional development – broadening the horizon of Yacht Club members


We have one of the largest networks of outdoorsy, artsy, eclectic business professionals and freelancers through global hub creations. Also, membership comes with a HRYC hat, T-shirt, bottle of Ohene (the Commodore) wine and a certificate of acceptance into the club.

To learn more about it, e-mail [email protected]

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