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Flight Risk on Spotify

Produced by Richie Aquino of LightHouse Music this classic album had hits like Sweat Drop, Full Potential, and Sky Surfin.

Your Friends Seem Lovely

You ever see a girl on the other side of the room with all her friends and you decide you gonna make your move and you hope it works out?

Loving you my dear is easy cause your beautiful

”Loving you my dear is EASY cause you’re beautiful” 


This album was accompanied by a wine. 

God is my Mama

God is my Mama 

she told me I’d make it

she told me that I’m a

king of a kingdom

pause for the comma

I know she in heaven 

turning my vibe up

Ohene Cornelius Healthier featuring Brent Butler

After my mother passed I dedicated myself to living healthier. Thinking more positive thoughts, working out, and meditation. Rap music is evolving. 


About Us

American born, Ohene Cornelius has been seen on the big screen (Kick Ass), small screen, the internet and your favorite music venue/festival (SXSW, BWSF, Quest Fest).

His recent albums "Flight Risk" and "Ohene," which was accompanied with a wine, has received much indie success with the heavily spun songs Full Potential, Sweat Drop, and That's Trash.  it here.

Recently his schedule has been full working on musical philanthropic efforts from giving out free clothes on Skidrow or doing free music lessons in Phnom Penh, DJ'ing the hottest parties under the alias DJ CornBALL and running his own lifestyle and clothing brand "Harlem River Yacht Club." He‘s a staple in the LA, NY, Cambodian, Vietnamese and Thai art scene.